Wheel Alignment


At GSM Mechanical we can perform wheel alignment on most makes and models.

All of our technicians are fully trained in the Repco Auto-tech training programme.

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  • Front end Wheel Alignment
  • Four-Wheel Alignment
  • Thrust Wheel Alignment  
  • Tyre Examinations
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Talk to GSM Mechanical about your wheel alignment today. We can combine our fully qualified expertise and knowledge with our local understanding of the driving conditions in Adelaide and the Woodville Park area to not only make sure your wheels are aligned correctly, but to confirm there are no underlying issues with the technologies behind the wheel that keep you safe on the roads.

Read more about Why only qualified technicians should perform wheel alignment procedures here.

What is a Wheel alignment?

Put simply, the term “wheel alignment” refers to how well the wheels on your vehicle are aligned relative to each other, as well as to the centre line of the vehicle. While alignment settings can differ between manufacturers and models, all vehicles are designed to deliver precise steering and braking responses - but only if the wheel alignment angles are correct for that vehicle.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment
• Increased fuel economy.
• Prolonged tyre life.
• Braking and steering response is improved.
• Straight-line tracking is improved, and driver fatigue is reduced since the overall driving experience is improved.

Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

Maintaining the wheel alignment on your car is an integral aspect of its overall maintenance and upkeep. However, this very important step is often ignored or skipped until the first symptoms of poor wheel alignment show up in the form of ruined tyres. Here’s some common signs to look out for…
• Uneven or accelerated wear on the edges of your tyres
• The steering has a “mushy” feel or has become less responsive.
• If your car’s steering wheel pulls to one side.

When should you get a wheel alignment?

Obviously, the best time to get a wheel alignment is when noticeable symptoms of poor alignment are present, but there are also other “best” times:
• When you rotate the tyres
• When you replace one or more tyres
• When you replace standard, steel rims with lightweight alloy rims.
• After any maintenance or repairs on steering or suspension systems - both front and rear.
• When you perform any modification that alters the vehicle ride height or weight distribution.

Wheel Alignment Cost

A wheel alignment is an investment that will actually save you money in the long run because incorrect wheel alignment causes your tyres to wear out faster, will increase the amount of petrol your car uses and can also make hadling your car difficult whih is a safety risk.  

The cost of a wheel aligmment can vary significantly between models - for example large vehicles like 4wd and suv's will cost more because the adjustments needed take more time.

The best way to get an accurate wheel alignment cost for your budget is to call us today and give us a few details about your vehicle and we can give you a quote over the phone.  

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